Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hyena in the house

Salty woke me yowling, urgently,downstairs at 2.30am. I ignored it, but Mas got up and put him on the bed to sleep, unfortunately that did not work and he began to make a racket again, so I went downstairs and put out some more kibbles which he snapped into and then went out, and I went back to bed.
At 5.30 Salty did a repeat performance so I went downstairs to give him a serious talking to. He was covered in black oil with patches along his back, on the top of his head and on one ear; he has obviously been squeezing himself under clunker cars.

I know that ingesting oil is really dangerous, so I grabbed hold of him, pinned him down while I spread butter on his head and back, rubbed it in, and then tried to rub it all off with a soft cloth. Meanwhile Salty was growling badly. I could not get much of the oil off, but his fur was sticking together in yellowish clumps, and also on his head. The patches had spread and he looked rather blotchy with his fur going in different directions; he definitely looked like an evil hyena. Salty left in disgust as soon as he could, and once again I went back to bed. If anyone has advice on how to get oil off fur it would be gratefully received.

When we got up Mas was surprised to see how dirty Salty looked, but he was happy to see him whatever he looked like.

It was my turn for a check up at the dentists', luckily I did not need to have anything done. The dentist gave me advice about future treatment, and we sadly said goodbye to each other. He told me when Mas comes back for his final treatment he will give him another another Dan Browne book for me. Mas and I will miss him!

In the evening we watched the first part of A History of Scotland with the archaeologist Neil Oliver exploring more than 2,000 years of history; the most interesting programme I have seen this year. Afterwards we saw Jamie Oliver's American road trip where he spent time working with genuine cowboys, starting in Wyoming which was very entertaining.

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