Saturday, 12 September 2009

Cat lumps and pain in the neck

I woke with a terribly stiff neck and painful shoulder, which was not helped by receiving a second motoring fine for the second day that Mas had to cross the bus lane, to drive into the garage for the MOT test.

Salty also seems to have a lump on his rib cage, and although he does not seem to be in pain we resolved to take him to the vets on Monday. I am worried he may have broken a rib, and Mas feels it might be something worse.

Chris sent some advice about removing oil from fur, suggesting flour or warm bran sprinkled in the fur and then rubbed out. Luckily Salty looks clean now. Chris also sent these charming cartoons.

Florence phoned to say that although she could use her phone to make calls, the bell on her phone no longer rings.

I heard from Betty who had some really good news, and finished her email saying this:
"Must trot off for now - I will be in touch later. I have to get menu choices sorted for a quiz night we are having for Hearing Dogs (I bet you didn't know that dogs did quizzes - marvellous animals!!)"

I also heard from Diane and Toby who sounded cheerful. By this time my neck and shoulder were feeling almost completely better.

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