Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mas out to lunch and testing time with MOTs

I walked off to Mill Hill again leaving the washing machine slaving at home. The weather turned hot and sunny, as I walked home Poppy passed in her car hooting, and later Wynford went past me waving as well. Mas in the meantime booked our car in for the yearly MOT for tomorrow.

I swept up lots of leaves from the garden, making Salty very excitable, and pottered around tidying and trimming. Mas spent all day working on his computer. We watched the first of a bleak new crime drama series called The Fixer, about a kind of vigilante police group. Afterwards we saw a programme about Jamie Oliver doing cookery things in Los Angeles, he is doing a road trip series. I was surprised as I really enjoyed it as it was really upbeat, and hope to watch more of them.

The cat slept on the bed again tonight; I think I have got large bags under my eyes now!

Today Mas took the car into the garage, and shortly afterwards met a friend for lunch. It was raining on and off all day. I froze away some stewed apples for another day and pottered around the house. I had a nice long email from Jana which cheered me up, and Diane phoned too.

Later Mas went off to the garage as we had not heard from them, and found we needed to have the brakes adjusted as the car was pulling to one side; I thought I had heard them squeaking sometimes recently. We also found out that we have to have new headlights put in because when the car skidded into ours when it was snowy it had cracked the front and the lights are not supported properly. Mas will take the car back on Friday to get this done, and hopefully get the MOT certificate for the next year.

When we went to bed the cat was sleeping in the middle of the bed and would not wake up, so I had to gently drag him by the head and shoulders over to the side of the bed. I am being very careful of him as he seems to have hurt his ribs, and growls if Mas or I stroke his side. I am hoping he is just bruised; he is breathing normally. It appears that the Tabby cat is not coming through the cat door into our house at night now which is more restful.