Monday, 7 September 2009

Harvesting, friends and civic duties

Christiane and Eddie dropped off some complimentary tickets on the way to John and Margaret's; they will be returning to France next week for a month.
I did lots of gardening, much to Salty's dismay; I think he fears that I will cut down and pull out all the plants in the garden and not stop till it is bald.
Myk called round to give us an update on what is going on locally, and to tell us that there is a meeting in the church hall tomorrow, and chatted for a while.

Mas and I went to Edgwarebury Park again, and collected lots of apples and crab apples, so we had a nice apple dessert in the evening. We watched Joanna Lumley in a programme about cats; apparently the Egyptian word for cat is Meow. I watched Lewis too, which I thought interesting, but I think Mas thought they dragged out the story without enough action, and they were talking too much.

Today Maheena called in. They have just returned from Kerola, and her daughter has just started her new school. Apparently while they were away, a car, belonging to another neighbour, rolled from the corner where it was parked, across the road, and onto their forecourt hitting Satish's car and then knocking Maheena's car so both cars are damaged! She bought us presents from Kerola that you cannot find here, and some edible treats for Mason.

In the evening we dragged ourselves off to do our civic duty. Myk and Jim were there too. I find it all quite fascinating as there is such a mix of strange and interesting characters and it is also quite funny. It really does take a special kind of person like Myk to have the tenacity and determination to try to put things right for the common good.

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