Thursday, 24 September 2009

Lunch and Lapada Antiques and Art Exhibition

Today I had arranged to meet Pat at Green Park so that we could go to the Lapada Art and Antiques fair in Berkeley Square. They have erected a huge Marquis in the garden for this purpose. We walked around the neighbourhood for a while, and settled on a pub for lunch. We went upstairs and had waitress service and an unhurried lunch together.

Afterwards we walked to Berkley Square, walking along Bruton Street looking at all the ultra expensive shops as we passed by.

The show was very interesting; Pat was easily able to recognise some of the ornate French furniture, some of it being almost large enough to rent out to lodgers to live in, and much too big for most apartments these days. I admired some of the jewellery, particularly two bugs, one made with garnet and the other with tigers eye , and each finished off well on the underside too with all the legs done individually.

We both liked some cat pictures by Louis Wain who spent a long time in Napsbury hospital not far from St. Albans.

Once we had seen everything we went off for a final drink at this pub which looked like an old Tudor building, but was actually rebuilt in 1933.

We had a long chat in there, and the clientele were very cheerful. It was obviously the place people pop into before taking their train home after work. We decided that we should go out together more frequently from now on.

We walked back to Green Park and took trains to the opposite ends of the line. This was a fun day.

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