Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Irritations and the last Frankincense Trail

We received another driving offence fine, for the second day that we had to take the car to KwikFit for the MOT, and of necessity driving across the bus lane to get into the garage. This is maddening, but if we delay payment both the fines will double to £120.00 each!

We went shopping at Stanmore and then had a drink at the Man in the Moon; as I was drinking my refreshing shandy I glanced at their magazine which was advertising the fact that they are now selling three types of ginger beer!

After doing the usual chores, I walked down to Starbucks and met Florence for a cake and coffee, a decaffeinated one for Florence as she reacts weirdly to caffeine, and we chatted for a while which was a bit of a strain as some of the other people were talking too loudly. On the way back I dropped a note into the doctors as his prescription cannot be filled as the chemical company no longer supply these medications, and then I got some shopping before returning home.

Today Mas met a friend for lunch, so I took down and washed the last set of curtains for this year because they were so dusty. I walked to the bank, and then got my new prescription and got a new library ticket from the library as I could not find my old one, having searched the house several times. I got some books out just as the library was closing and sped off home. Of course I later found my original ticket which is maddening.

In the evening we watched the last of The Frankincense Trail with Kate Humble, this has been a truly excellent series.

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