Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Visit to dentist and delicate gardening

After breakfast, and lots of pills we got ready and Mas took me to the dentist who took x-rays of my implanted tooth and said it had an infection and prescribed antibiotics; he thought it likely that I would loose the tooth. He was very kind and said I could phone him anytime I was worried, and I made an appointment to see the hygienist the following day.

We went off to get the antibiotics from the chemist, and Mas collected a little shopping, and we returned home. After lunch I rested for a while, before going into the garden to do some gardening; the easiest kind, removing dead heads of flowers. These roses round the window are highly scented and their perfume fills the bedroom above.

In the evening we watched The Bill, some Frasier, and I, Claudius, and by mistake we found we had stayed up very late, so went off to bed.

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