Monday, 9 June 2008

Cheerful meal with friends

Today was hot and sunny so we thought we would push on with the gardening while it was nice.
Diane phoned which was nice and we arranged that she would come to us for Sunday lunch.

Christiane called in the morning and we arranged to all meet up at The man in the Moon for a meal. We met as planned with Christiane, Eddie, John and Margaret. A different manager was on duty, so everything was as nice as usual. Eddie had bought a huge pile of coupons which were offering various meals at reduced rates, so confusion reigned while everyone decided what to eat. Eventually we settled down and enjoyed our meal and the conversation. Sadly I had to break it up so I could return home and take my pills at the specified time, but it had been a fun evening.

I took my pills, and we sat in the garden for a while as it had been so nice yesterday. Later we watched a couple of Frasiers; we are stretching them out by only watching two episodes a night.

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