Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Jana's shocking exploits in Spain and visit from Monika and Oktay

This morning I showed Mas the pictures Jana had sent of her 'walking' holiday in Spain with her brother and friends. The photographs seemed of the quality that The National Geographic magazine would use, and some were absolutely stunning. Some of the pictures showed them climbing up bare rock faces, or walking along non existent ledges with precipitous views; after each of these, Mas who does not like heights, uttered an involuntary, four letter word, expletive in horror.

A well deserved meal!

I spoke to Monika briefly this morning, and then I had to go off for another treatment at the dental clinic; it is such a friendly place. I notice on the tube that there is an advertisement for a free concert in Leicester Square on June the 30th as it is Canada day here; the musicians are Canadian.

Monika, Oktay and the children called in to see Mas as they were in the neighbourhood, and he said they all looked cheerful and happy; Monika will be off to Czech for a month's holiday with the children soon.
I had a rest when I got home, and Diane called and chatted for a while. Mas made me a lovely fish dinner before we relaxed for the evening.

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