Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Medicals, meditation and mellow moods

Yesterday I had to go for a blood test at the Royal Free, on mentioning that I was a bit breathless after walking a mile a very thorough doctor did a battery of different tests on me, an ECG, chest x-ray, blood tests and the most thorough medical that I have ever had. All the tests showed that I am really very healthy which was very reassuring. It did take all day though.

Mas for his part had his teeth polished by the hygienist, and was very impressed by her. Both of us felt a bit tired and we went to bed early.

Today we went to St. Albans, the drive was really lovely as the countryside is particularly beautiful at this time and it was a sunny day. We bought fresh fruit and vegetables and then met Tania and Robert for lunch as usual in the Thai restaurant. Robert and Tania were both a bit under the weather, but we had a really nice meal and some laughs. The owner took me aside and suggested I use meditation to help me get better, and advised singing inside without a head as a good method. This presented various pictures to my mind and I resolved to think about it later.

We drove home and had a quick rest, and I discovered that the dentist had left a message to contact him. I did, and it was arranged that I call in tomorrow and he would review my tooth.

Pete arrived as planned, we had a really nice dinner which Mas prepared and we spent a nice evening together listening to Toby's jazz compilations and talking. All of us felt tired so we went off to bed fairly early.

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