Friday, 6 June 2008

Fear and loathing of Carnations

Today after breakfast a neighbour called in to see how I was, and bought a large bunch of Carnations for me. People have been so kind to me, and have given me so many flowers but sadly now I find I associate cream carnations with being ill, and find I do not like them at all as a result. It is a shame because they are lovely flowers and when grown out doors have a lovely warm clove smell that I like. It is odd that I have this antipathy towards Carnations now because my Mother did not like them either; it was not till I was grown up that she told me my father uses to give them to her when feeling guilty about a new indiscretion, and she loathed them. Poor flowers!

The postman bought a treat for Mas: Clare had a school project and when completed was posted to Mas .She had written an 'Ode to My Grandfather' for which she got marked by the teacher 25 points out of 30. It was a lovely touching poem, and it was illustrated too. I am going to frame this for him, it is so nice he is being appreciated!

My tooth seems a lot better, and later I walked down to Edgware to collect yet another prescription, but feeling a bit tired took the bus home and had another nap. Pete called again in the afternoon and we talked. Diane sent me a cheerful e-card, and I spoke to her as well.

In the evening we watched Wycliffe, a detective story set in Cornwall and a Touch of Frost (more detectives), and then to bed.

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