Tuesday, 17 June 2008

More dental treatment and home again.

Mas and I got up early, had breakfast quickly and he drove me off to the station. I arrived at the dentists in good time, and after four injections and my nose and chin were numb, he worked on my implant, and this was completely painless. When he finished I thanked him, and picked up his spectacles to leave with, luckily he retrieved them as soon as he saw me do it. I walked back
through Cavendish Square, and caught the tube home at Oxford Street.

Cavendish Square

When I got home, after resting , I did a little cleaning up and Mas made dinner.

The evening light looked so nice that I had to take this picture from the kitchen window, which happens to overlook the road at the front of our house.
We watched an episode of Pie in the Sky and a Frasier. Pete phoned a bit later, and then we went to bed fairly early.

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