Monday, 16 June 2008

Preparing for perodontics

Saturday and Sunday were fairly uneventful. The weather was very nice and we spent some time gardening, sitting in the garden, doing housework and generally catching up. I made some emergency rock cakes to take to the dentists as I have to eat at a special time so I can take the chemo pills.

Diane phoned to sadly cancel her visit on Sunday as she felt tired, and had a hectic week. I spoke to Pete and caught up a bit with Toby which was nice. I got an email from Jana with wonderful pictures of her holiday in Spain, some of it was mountain climbing, not just walking! We watched a bit of TV, filling in with Frasiers.

Today we got up horribly early, and I got to the station at 7.30am and I bought some water to wash my pills down with later. I got to Oxford Circus in good time, despite it being rush hour on the tube, and had time to eat the cakes and take my pills sitting in the sun in Cavendish Square where others were drinking coffee.

I reached the periodontic specialists in plenty of time. The people were very nice, and I had more x-rays ( I must glow in the dark by now), and a very precise examination. I was told I must come back for treatment tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday, but the implant could be saved. :-)

I looked at the food in John Lewis' and after seeing the prices of the different breads decided when I am better I will make my own again as I used to when Pete and Toby were young. I went home the scenic way, on the bus, and then relaxed most of the day.

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