Monday, 23 June 2008

Curry and chats, tea in the garden without gnomes

On Thursday I walked to Edgware, got a little shopping and posted letters. After lunch I did a bit more gardening and then we went off to meet Tania and Robert for a meal in Stanmore where we chatted and had a curry meal. It was a nice change of scene and company and made a welcome break.

On Friday I went back to Oxford Street and cut through Cavendish Square to the dentists for a final session, before returning home again. We had a quiet weekend; I talked to Pete for a while and for a break Mas and I watched Monk. I usually colour my hair a kind of warm mahogany brown, but decided I would use a more natural product, so in preparation I cut my hair,(as it happened rather short,) and then put the mixture on. I think I left it on too long, as it is now very dark brown, and what with the short hair it looks as if I have bought myself a smart but rather severe wig.

It became very windy on Sunday but I managed to get in some more gardening, and talked to Diane too, and Mas made a really nice dinner.

Our neighbour's garden: he has cut down the painted dead tree and put in a small group of garden gnomes and solar lights of stars and butterflies, around the edges, which rapidly change colours all the time when it is dark.
Today I thought I had better tidy things up as I will spend tomorrow in hospital again.
By chance I was in the garden putting clean water out for the birds and a big bird landed in the garden and began dragging its wing; I thought for a moment it was damaged, but after looking at me for a while it flew off, so it must have been a distraction strategy. It was carrying a mouse or small bird. I had not seen such a bird before, and looked it up in our bird book; I think it was a Kestrel.
The weather today is sunny and 20 degrees in the shade, a perfect summer's day. Margaret and John phoned and invited us to tea, so Mas and I spent several peaceful hours sitting in their lovely garden. They have turned over the major part of their back garden to growing fruit and vegetables of which they have a huge variety, and have lots of bird feeders too so we were watching them come and go while we chatted and had tea, cheese, biscuits and fruit. We left with two lettuces, some rocket and lots of fragrant parsley.

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