Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Man in the Moon lunch and illegal smoking

Mas and I did our usual chores and decided to go to The Man in the Moon pub for lunch just for a change of scene.

Pete phoned, and I told him we were going out for lunch and he said "I can't believe that Mas keeps making you go to the pub" which was really funny because Mas used to hate pubs and thought they were smelly dirty places, and the people who used them were the same, and would never go into one. And then there was the smoking ban and everything changed!

Some pubs have a bedraggled coterie of people who lurk in front of the door while they have a smoke, but this pub takes a firm position on this.

After lunch I managed to do some gardening before it began to rain again, and did a little pruning. Everything is growong really fast because there has been so much rain.

During the night there were two enormous claps of thunder which caused me to unplug the phone and computers, having had a hi-fi system killed by lightening last year.

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