Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Communications and shopping till you drop.

Since my last entry Pete returned home, and I have had two more hospital visits, and have had long conversations with Toby and Pete. I have caught up on most of my emails, and had lots of visits from friends and neighbours; the house rapidly filled with carnations and good wishes cards.

On Wednesday I went on the bus with Margaret to Watford's Harlequin shopping center with the idea of buying some new underwear. This bus ride is very scenic, passing through an area of very large expensive historic homes, woodland, Bushey and Old Bushey before arriving at Watford. I prefer taking the bus to driving along the motor way. Unfortunately I did not remember what a rough ride it was, the road surfaces are so uneven it feels like riding a horse and I felt exhausted by the jolting by the time we arrived. We had a fruit drink and Margaret had hot chocolate and I recovered somewhat and managed to get my new underwear, then we returned home, this time not sitting upstairs so it was not so jolting. I did think I had rather overdone it, so rested for a while.

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