Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Return to Budapest

We have recently visited Budapest, we have been once before, but this time we were situated downtown beside the Danube. The weather was warm, and we spent time traveling all over the city by bus, tram and the Metro. In this way we explored Budapest without risking life or limb by driving. As it was so mild the pavement cafes were in use by day and night.

While we were in Budapest there was an International Congress for the New Evangelisation so various Christian denominations were competing to broadcast their messages and all the churches were open and giving concerts and services, with some enthusiastic gatherings being held in the open so the air was filled with music.

St Stephen's Basilika. One of St. Stephen's cut off mumified hands is kept here as a relic.

Later we went to the theatre and saw a musical called Menyasszonytánc, which had subtitles above, but most impressively there was a lady signing so that any deaf people would be able to follow what was going on. The show was very lively, with energetic Klesmer music, and ended on a very feel-good note.

Next we had a meal at the Komedias Kaveház, where there is a jazz pianist.

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