Thursday, 16 April 2009

Simón Bolivar, weeding and renovating

I was pleased to hear on the radio during the night that Simón Bolivar's el systema is now being adopted world wide, so many of the underprivileged children will be able to learn classical music now.

I painted some small fruit crates which I plan to use in my studio as part of my forthcoming tidy up campaign, and also to use up an old tin of paint, and afterwards I repainted one of the kitchen chairs in the same colour as our blue Clematis. I then took on the task of trying to get all the celandine out of the front and back lawns as it has become rampant.
Today Mason had to go to the Brompton hospital, he had get his breathing machine, for his sleep apnoea, checked as it stopped working during the night recently. He came back with a new one, but will have to wait for a new mask to be sent.
I spent more time gardening, interspersed with time on the exercycle which I find really boring. The family who have been living across the street came over to say that they will be moving , and to get some information.
In the evening we watched The X Files and The Bill, and Mas set up his new machine.

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