Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Gardening and gormandising

Tuesday was another fine day so Mas cut the hedges. After I did the injection and reading my book for an hour, I dug all the dandelions out of the front lawn, and did some weeding. Mas also watered the garden, despite the dissaproval of the cat who then spent the rest of the day sleeping in my attic studio.

Diane phoned and we talked for a while, catching up as we have not seen each other for a while.
We watched one of the X-files, but forgot to see The Beiderbeck Affair (a series written in 1985 by Alan Plater).

Today Robert phoned to say that they could not meet us for lunch as usual because Tania was not feeling well.

I had to go to the dentist early, and my crown was fitted at last, which is always painful in the money area. Afterwards we went to St. Albans and were pleased to see how the countryside is greening up again.

We had an excellent lunch at Sazio's, and some red wine, and were soon feeling really relaxed, despite the restaurant being crowded because of the school holidays. Afterwards we got our fruit and vegetables and went home.

Later we saw another X-file and The Bill while eating grapes, then I did the washing up and played with the cat.

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