Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Thai lunch in St. Albans followed by DDT

St.Peter's church, St. Albans.
We went off as usual on a very warm day to meet Tania and Robert for lunch at St. Albans, and went to the Bua Thai as we had not been there for a while. The friendly owner was very pleased to see us, and as well as lunch she insisted that Tania and I have a perfectly ripe mango each to take home, and in answer to our questions showed us how to tell when a mango is at it's best.

Afterwards, feeling very full we got our shopping and went home; it is nice to see how the countryside is greening up again. I drove home which I was pleased about. When I became ill I stopped driving as I felt my reactions were too slow, and a lot of the time I was feeling confused due to the medication I was taking.

Once home I realised just how itchy the insect bites were. I tried putting bicarbonate of soda on them, but as this did not help I put DDT on them. When I washed my hands afterwards I noticed the smell of the DDT remained on them. Soon the whole house smelt of it, and Mas and Salty too, but I was not itching anymore!

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