Monday, 27 April 2009

Frustrations, healing and relaxations

We had another frustrating day. I recieved a letter from the hospital to phone and make an appointment. Using the number I had been sent after repeated calls all I could get is "There is no one here to take your call, please leave a message," but nobody called back. Mas was having similar problems too.

At 2.00pm we had another vet appointment, so took Salty off in the car in a borrowed cat cage.
The bandage was cut off Salty's leg, which was healing well. His temperature was taken, and he was generally checked all over while Salty practiced his new skill of growling. I bought him a special flea comb which takes out all the loose fur in a bid to stop him getting fur balls in his stomach later. He also got some penicillin pills. Mas bought a cage for him too. These furry friends are so expensive!

Salty enjoyed his antibiotic pill, and settled down happily. In the evening we thought we would relax, have a glass of red wine and watch the X-Files and unwind. We were peacefully doing this when Scully unexpectedly got shot which startled Mas; he jumped throwing the contents of his wine glass over his shoulder in a wide arc onto the carpet. (Mas is famous for excessive startle factor) After the surprise of that, we had a really good laugh, which is probably more relaxing than the wine would have been.

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