Thursday, 23 April 2009

Guitar with moussaka

Today we had planned to go swimming, but looking at my legs, which are long past their "best by date," and now covered in a strange galaxy of large red suns; more than a dozen huge insect bites. I thought I had better delay swimming, otherwise people might get killed in the rush to get out of the pool when they saw me getting in.

Mas and I decided we needed a few things from the shops so went to Stanmore.
I went to the Oxfam shop to see if they had a straw hat I could use when gardening, and came out having bought myself a guitar, as you do. Of course now I will have to learn to play it!

When we went home we did some more gardening, me liberally smeared with an insect repellent that added a certain je ne sais quois to the aroma of the house and myself. Gradually various neighbours came to talk to Mas and I, and we caught up with the neighbourhood news.

In a bid to make different and healthy meals, I decided to make a vegetarian moussaka, using some ingredients that I knew Mas was not too keen on, like plain yogurt. I followed the recipe, a low fat one, exactly,and cooked it. The odd thing was that he enjoyed it, but I cannot remember when I have last eaten something quite so horrible!

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