Saturday, 11 April 2009

Sepulchre, Earl of Hertford, and Easter Eggs

We woke up this morning with Mas having a massive cramp in his leg, and after I massaged it away we had breakfast. We noticed that the cat had a small scratch on his face this morning, but his leg is better. After breakfast I did some mending and listened to some 'Steptoe and Son', comedy recordings from the late 1960s. They were dated, but still funny but with a lot of pathos.
Mas was having computer problems all day and spending hours on the phone trying to sort it all out. I walked down to the library and managed to get another book out by Kate Mosse called 'Sepulchre' which involves a story switching between centuries and Tarot cards which Betty told me she is reading as well.

There is a house, just off the main road in Edgware that has always fascinated me called Clare House. It is a doctor's surgery and a building contractor's now, but researching it, I think it originally belonged to Roger de Clare, who was the Earl of Hertford, and died in 1173

When I got home Mas told me that Varun and Ashwathi had made these edible nests with eggs, and bought two round for us.

In the evening we watched 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' which we last saw years ago with Chris and Therrie, but at least it is cheerful.

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