Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Music to repair a yukky evening

On Monday I did some gardening in the morning, while Mas had another go at his computer. I spent hours looking for my diary which has all the important dates and appointments in it, and was beginning to feel enraged when I found it. I went for a long walk, to steady my nerves and cool my temper, afterwards!

Later we watched the X Files while eating which proved to be a mistake as it was a gruesome one about Cannibalism, and later a Ghost Whisperer which was also yukky. After this I went off to clean the kitchen and listen to some cheerful music by the Nigel Kennedy Quintet.

On Tuesday I went for a quick walk and then sat on the lawn and continued digging up weeds.
The government is giving sizable grants to help with research into the problems with pollination and the colony collapse disorder that is affecting the bees, apparently one mouthful in three needs a pollinator to get it to grow.

In the evening I noticed that I was covered in insect bites.

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