Sunday, 19 April 2009

Football fans alter plans

Sunday morning, and Mas thought it would be nice to have a pub Sunday roast dinner, so we called Robert and Tania to see if they wanted to join us for lunch, and they came over. We went to the Man in the Moon at Stanmore, and, as we parked noticed groups of people sitting about drinking. We walked towards the pub and saw there was a huge group of football fans in front, and the pub was stuffed with people too.

There was quite a big police presence, and Mas talked to a couple to find out who was playing. ( Manchester United and Everton)
The police were cheerful, but explained to Mas reasonably that the English enjoy a good scrap which is all part of the fun for the fans.

It was obvious that we would have to go somewhere else for lunch, so we went to a Harvester Pub near Bushey Heath.

We had a nice lunch and relax, and then we went home and Tania and Robert spent a few minutes looking at how the garden is coming along before going home.

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