Monday, 12 November 2007

Walking in Hertfordshire and an evening with friends.

My special walking friend Jana came for a brief holiday, she came over in the morning and we walked across fields from Elstree to Letchmore Heath by an indirect route. The day was sunny and bright and we had a lot to talk about as we walked. We stopped at the Three Horseshoes and had a coffees before setting off by a different route to return to Elstree again as it was getting dark and cold; we had walked for hours which was great.

The village of Letchmore Heath, and the Three Horseshoes were used when making the film The Village or the Damned ( John Wyndham's Midwich Cuckoos) and also for some of The Avengers series.

In the evening our friends Monika and Oktay came over with Milan, and we all had dinner which Mas had specially cooked for us, and the conversation ranged through all kinds of subjects. They all left around midnight, and we tottered off to bed having had a really nice day.

Below views of the Three Horseshoes, and the closest shot of Jana that I am allowed to show.


Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,

I remember having lunch at the 3 Horsehoes with you, Tobe and Mas. I think there was some famous movie director there at the time having a drink - maybe it was the person who directed Village of the Damned. What a nice country pub!


Margaret said...

Yes, I remember it too! Mas says the man was Roy Skeggs who owned Hammer Horror films, and had produced 44 films (including Dracula).