Tuesday, 2 February 2010


When we woke there was another thin covering of snow outside and as it was sunny we got some shopping in Stanmore, and I bought myself a blue fleece top.

On Sunday we went to The Man in the Moon and had a roast Sunday lunch which we enjoyed and lingered over. the barman let us buy several bottles of the wine which was very nice, and we took them home for another day.
Later Florence called and chatted, and I called Poppy who is starting a new job tomorrow.

On Monday I went off early to have a blood test at the hospital, and then I walked up to Hampstead looking at the shops, and getting some stamps at the post office. On the way home I bought two fresh herrings for my lunch ( Mas does not like herrings as they, inconsiderately, have too many bones; the cat enjoyed the leftovers (minus the bones).

Today I went back to the Royal Free Hospital where I saw the specialist with the smiling eyes. He said my blood tests were all normal, and reminded me that I must walk each day, and not gain too much weight. Further appointments were set up for me, which makes me feel very secure in the knowledge that they are looking after me so well.

I hurried back home as we had planned to see Avatar in the late afternoon. It was a beautiful film, the scenery was amazing, and the love story good too. I was surprised that they had made such an obviously political statement, without any use of subtlety, which I think would have made the message more meaningful, instead of using crude stereotypes.
It did make a change for us to go to the cinema, and go out after feeling so confined by bad weather.

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