Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Walking and dental adventures

Mas and I got shopping in the morning, and despite it raining most of the day I walked with Margaret, and Henry the dog, over to Edgwarebury Park. The ground was very boggy and waterlogged, but despite this, Henry spent some time joyfully rolling on the grass. Even though the weather was so bad we felt better for the walk.

I spoke to Pete today, and later had an email from Mex telling me that Click Bits on the BBC was looking for artwork, so I sent off six pieces to L J Rich the presenter in the hope that one would be suitable.

Today I had a dental appointment for a small filling which left my nose numb almost till bedtime. Luckily the weather was bright, but cold, and I went by bus. Waiting at the bus stop after the dental visit, the bus queue watched warily as a man hurled abuse at a kebab eatery close by; the owner meanwhile locked his glass front door to keep the man out, and we watched in disgust as he spat at and licked the window.
Mas in the meantime went and got some more shopping that we needed, especially fish for the cat. In the evening we watched an NCIS.
Salty snoring!

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