Sunday, 28 February 2010

Peace and quiet after the storm

Today we went to Stanmore later than usual, and bought some cat treats in the form op chewy strips. Mas had bought him some earlier in the week, and Salty loves them. We then went to the Man in the Moon, which was empty except for the staff cleaning and tidying everything up. Apparently we had arrived at the perfect time as a football crowd had been partying there earlier. We had noticed the police van, and five policemen chatting together outside the pub as we went in which had given us a clue. We had a nice roast dinner, and gradually the locals drifted back in, and things got back to normal.

When home again Mas gave the cat some of the treats; I have never seen him react to food like this before, and am convinced that they must put some special cat drugs into the food.

In the evening we watched LadyHawk which was entertaining. Salty seems rather lethargic, and did not go outside as much as usual.

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