Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Snow and visit to dentist

Monday it snowed all day, and was very cold. I walked to the post office and renewed my travel pass and chatted to the nice post lady for a moment. Christane dropped of some shopping bags for us that she had collected from a travel exhibition.

Mas was busy all day, and I felt bored an lifeless because of the weather. I have many things I could be doing, but can only manage enough enthusiasm to read; thank goodness for books!

Today we had snow while we had breakfast, but it did not really settle. Mas dropped me off at the dentist ( a new one to us) who is quite near to where The Red Lion pub used to be in Colindale. The dentist seemed quite pleasant, and thorough; I have to go back next week for a small filling. After this I went for a short walk before going home again.

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