Monday, 15 February 2010

Walking in the woods with Margaret and John

Today Mas and I went to Stanmore to get shopping, but went to lunch instead at the Man in the Moon. I had to hurry back as I was to meet Margaret so that we could walk Henry. As I approached their house I saw John was getting his car ready.

We all drove off to Berry Grove woods, near Aldenham, and walked for more than an hour chatting and watching Henry cavort about joyfully. It was a very cold day, with the occasional snow flake feathering down. We saw tree fellers felling trees, looked for Muntjack deer, but did not see any, saw some signs of life with buds on trees and catkins.

Wall Hall was built in the 1800s, later it became a teacher training college, and now has been converted into flats.


As we began to head back to the car the snow started falling faster, but luckily did not last for too long. I really enjoyed this walk, and felt about twenty years younger when I got home again.

Mas had been for his doctors appointment, luckily just a routine one. In the evening we watched Romancing the Stone, which although we had seen this before was quite fun.

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