Friday, 29 January 2010

Cold cure

This morning was much brighter, and the sun was shining while we had breakfast. My cold was much worse, so bad in fact I thought it time for desperate measures. Mason's father had a remedy which I thought I would try although it seems very gross, to put it as Mas describes it.

Basically you have to suck up some tepid salty water with your nose using one nostril while shutting the other one, and spit it out when the water comes down the back of your throat, then you do it with the other nostril. You keep doing this until you have used up a mug full of saline, being careful not to swallow by mistake. ( It is essential to do this while completely alone)

Although this took some doing, I felt immediately better afterwards. I did this two more times during the day and am convinced I have almost killed the cold.

In the evening we watched a rerun of Pie in the Sky, and an episode of An Island Parish which I really enjoy. It is set in the Scilly Isles showing the islanders going about their lives. While this sounds boring it is not in fact it is very interesting and endearingly funny sometimes too. It is so refreshing to watch something informative that is not as formulaic as most things have become.

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