Thursday, 14 January 2010

Glen' s funeral

As Mas was still unwell, and his cough rather exhausting I planned to go with Poppy to Glen's funeral at Hendon Crematorium. Ben hope he would be free of his commitments to go with us too.

I went across to Poppy's house at 3 pm, and we drove carefully off to the crematorium on the icy roads. We arrived rather early, but sat in the chapel as it was getting dark and very cold outside. We talked quietly as the organist practised. We talked of various religions, and Poppy explained some of the beliefs held by Zoroastrians, which I found that I also shared. The family and friends soon arrived. The touching short service was given by the Reverend Michael Clark and it bought some comfort to the sad and grieving family.

As we left the chapel everyone greeted each other and talked for a while. It looked rather sad and depressing as it was dark, there was still snow on the ground and there were plenty of fresh flowers around denoting lots of recent deaths. Eventually people started to leave, and Poppy and I drove home in stages.

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