Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I felt ill all day, coughing and sneezing with a bad cold, it is a pig, but luckily not a swine. Monika phoned briefly to touch bases which was nice. I read most of the day, clutching a hot water bottle. We watched a Sherlock Holmes, with Jeremy Irons, which is always worth watching because of his characterisation. We started a dismal film called The Sin Eater with Heath Ledger, but I soon gave up on this and went off to read instead.

On Tuesday still feeling like a zombie I made myself go for a walk, and changed my library books. Walking back I came across an attractive long haired, thin faced dog who followed me for a while. I thought he might be lost and tried to read what was on his collar, but he would not let me touch him. Thinking he was probably not lost at this point I walked away from him, and he remained sitting on the pavement. A car sped past, and the driver waved at the dog (who took no notice), and I thought it was funny he should wave at an unknown dog and ignore a human, but on reflection though why not?

In the evening we watched another video called Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock in it, who did a robust job of acting, but I did not like this film either. I seem to be getting very hard to please.

The next day passed in a sniffling sneezing blur.

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