Sunday, 24 January 2010

Walking and watching

The weather is still grey and depressing, but I thought I would go for a walk to oxygenate my brain. I walked around on the Harrow side of Edgware looking at the different architectural styles of the houses, eventually I came out in Canons Drive by the small lake. There were ducks of various kinds swimming around and black coots, which I don't remember seeing before. The black coots were diving, submerging and popping out of the lake like champagne corks.

I also read, on the notice board, the history of the house at the end of the Drive. This house eventually became a school, but had originally belonged to the Duke of Chandos. I went to this school for a year, and that is where I met my friend Diane.

Once home again Ben telephoned Mas to say that our cat was meowing and wanted to get indoors. This made us laugh as he can do this independently, but when Mas called him he came in, but it probably was not him making such a ruckus outside.

Toby phoned, and Pete too as he will be off to Guernsey tomorrow, lucky thing!
In the evening we watched Slumdog Millionaire, which although a good film left me feeling depressed.

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