Friday, 8 January 2010

The sadness of the birds

Today was another day when we stayed indoors, and I spent some time half heartedly clearing up, but mostly filled with lassitude as the skies seem permanently grey.

Looking out of the window at Glen and Barry's bird table next door, and thinking how the birds used to come down daily for bread that had been put on it for them, and watching them hanging round the garden where there was not the usual food, it made me think how when someone dies there are all kinds of ripples that spread from the event, not only the effect that it has to the bereaved family and friends. In this case the birds were not being fed which on the scale of importance is rather low, but was important to them, and no one would even know.

It is still very cold, -18 in some places, but luckily not here. We spent the day indoors, and caught up with some correspondence. Manu phoned, joking about the weather and chatting for a while. Mas worked out what has been going wrong with our TV setup; the scart cables at the back had worked loose! Once they had been plugged back securely we were able to watch Ghost Whisperer and Silent Witness, and Mas felt more cheerful!

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