Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Dog's dinner and tunnel vision required

Today I had arranged to meet Diane, after her appointment at The Royal Free Hospital. When I got to The George Pub she was already there waiting for me. We had a drink, then decided to have lunch at the pub. We ordered a platter of nachos, salsa, guacamole and melted cheese. We ate some of these rather tentatively as unusually the meal looked rather unappetising. The more of the limp nachos we ate the more the platter looked like a dogs dinner, or worse, so we abandoned it and went off to have a Costa coffee elsewhere and finish our catching up chat session.

Later I went back to Edgware, and had to call in at the doctors to see if they can give me anything to control the vertigo. Luckily he gave me some antihistamine based pills which will hopefully help. The vertigo is not too bad, and is bought about mostly by eye movements, so I will have to try not to roll my eyes too much otherwise I feel floaty and tend to lurch around. I am painting a mental picture of myself, and it is not pretty.

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