Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Winter Wonderland day out

This morning I took a few small presents next door to Glen and Barry's.
Tania and Robert arrived about 2.30pm, and we walked to the station leaving Mas working contentedly at home. We tubed to Green Park, and then walked to Hyde Park where the Winter Wonderland had been set up. While the moose head below was speaking at some length in German, Tania found out that her friends would be arriving later, so we decided to get something to eat first.

Tania wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe in Park Lane, and so we did.

Entrance to the Hard Rock Cafe.

As we went in, we were told we would have to wait some time before there was a free table, but we had a drink, and the time soon passed. It was very busy and crowded. Eventually we were served by a very friendly, but incredibly loud Spanish waitress, no doubt she had to train her voice to be heard above the rock music.
We returned to the Winter Wonderland afterwards.

And before long we met up with Tania and Robert's friends, and had some mulled wine and chatted. I was shocked to hear later that Robert's friend was going to do his yearly Christmas swim in the Serpentine river tomorrow, despite there still being snow on the ground!

Haunted House

There were lots of people with their children enjoying the lights and rides.
As it began to get very cold and time for the children to leave, Tania, Robert and I walked back to the Station and then home to Stanmore. When we did get home, walking carefully on the slippery ice, we found Mas had cooked a very tasty Christmas Eve feast, which we all enjoyed.

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