Saturday, 5 December 2009

Feeling end of yearish

Salty was out all night again, and the reason was probably that he lost his collar, with the magnet on it ,and so he could not get in. Luckily it had not been so cold during the night. We went off to Borehamwood and bought another collar for him, and put it on him, with a spare magnet. Now he will look like a spectral cat at night...white with glowing eyes and a reflective collar. We deactivated the cat door until he gets used to the new adult cat collar. The Tabby cat found that the cat door was no longer locked for him, so came in at night and ate up all Salty's food as usual.

Mas continued to have problems with his recently opened bank account, and once again had to queue up in the bank to try to get it sorted out. It is like Ground Hog Day with these banks. Feeling fed up we had lunch in the pub, and came out feeling normal again (or what seems to pass for normal).

Today Mas had to visit the bank again, and when he came back he cleared up the last of the leaves from the front garden and cut the grass. I did the back garden accompanied by Salty.
This should be the last grass cutting this year!

Poppy called round, and we walked Lilu to the park. There were lots of different dogs in the park being walked by their owners. We got talking to a nice boy who was taking his dog Dizzy Rascal walking, but the puppy was not old enough to be taken off the lead yet. Poppy and Ben have also invited us to visit them on Boxing Day.

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