Monday, 28 December 2009

Shocking news

After another poor nights sleep we thought we would take it easy today, and Poppy called to see if we knew what was happening next door as they had seen the ambulance too. Mas went round to next door, and we found out that Glen was still in hospital. Mas invited Wynford and Barry to come round as we could cook something for them, but they were too distracted. In the evening Maheena and Satish called round and told us the shocking and sad news that Glen had died in the early evening. Everyone was stunned. They said they were going to tell Poppy and Ben next.
Mas was beginning to get a sore throat, so we took it easy all day, and kept warm, but I am sure both our minds kept wandering back to the sudden and unexpected death of our friend.
Today Poppy and Ben called around, both saddened and shocked by Glen's passing. They also bough some leftover dessert and a bottle of red wine which neither of them like. We took it easy again, Mas feeling somewhat worse, and both of us feeling exhausted.

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