Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Diane's visit and a night at the opera

Today Diane is coming to visit, so after getting up rather late on this cold day Mas shot out to get some shopping, while I tidied and straightened up the house and made up a bed for Diane. It began to snow quite heavily, and Diane called to see whether we could collect her from the station, which we did.

We had a really nice day with her. Mas volunteered to cook while we watched The Marx Brothers in A Night at the Opera (I think he would prefer to have his teeth extracted rather than watch the Marx Brothers!). We had a leisurely meal , a succulent salmon dinner with sparkling wine ( and sparkling repartee?)

Later we saw another favourite film, which Diane had not seen before, but I do not remember which one, before we tottered off to bed.

In the morning we had a slow relaxed breakfast before Mas took Diane off to the station as she had to get some Christmas shopping. It had been like old times!
The weather got colder, and in the night Salty came upstairs, and slept lying along my leg, not from affection, but for my body heat!

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