Saturday, 12 December 2009

Unusual films and a French Market

The weather turned colder. After breakfast I found another small dead mouse hidden in a corner, and disposed of him in the green recycling bin. We went off to Stanmore and did various chores, then in the afternoon I walked to Edgware and posted things at the post office, and then did some window shopping.

In the evening we watched a video called 'Tai -pan' about Hong Kong around the time of the opium wars. It was a colourful and interesting film.

Today we went off to St. Albans early, and found that the French Market was there as well as the usual street market. Tania and Robert were on holiday, but we had a nice lunch at Sazios as usual, and our waitress was from Estonia originally.

Pete called and chatted in the evening, and later we watched a French film called 'The Poisoner,' it is a good film, but could end up making its' viewers claustrophobically paranoid about small villages and gossip. Later it was quite a relief to watch Wallander which was just a normal murder with a good plot.

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