Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Snow in Ontario and here too.

We started writing some Christmas cards, and thought about putting up decorations, but because we have bought all the Geraniums into the conservatory there really is no room.
In the evening Manu and then Margaret phoned, she is planning an evening party.

Later we watched a funny film called 'Mars Attack!'. It was fairly stupid, but I thought the funniest part was when the invading Martians were destroyed by the broadcast sound of Slim Whitman singing The Indian Love Call from the show RoseMarie in his yodelling style ( which I like even if the Martians didn't). Sadly for the Martians it made their heads explode!

On Monday we went to Stanmore and got lots of shopping and had lunch at The Man in the Moon. In the afternoon we made a Madras curry and a fruit pie for dinner tonight. Salty got overexcited by the smell of the cooking curry, and he jumped onto the cooker twice to see what was happening; it was fortunate that we did not have pot roast cat too. As a concession we baked him some Pollack which he loves.

Today I started putting up a few decorations. Joan sent this picture from Ontario, they have had quite a snowfall, and are expecting more!

Surprisingly it snowed here as well, just a light shower or two, but it has got much colder. We watched a few reruns on TV and had a cozy evening.

Salty does not mind snow or the cold weather, but his tail fur stands on end when he gets really cold. We had more snow today. We had another cozy evening, and had boeuf a l'orange after a glass of sherry. We watched another stylish Poirot with interesting art deco scenery.

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