Monday, 11 August 2008

Unsettled weather and health

The weather at the weekend was very unsettled, windy and pouring with rain most of the time.
Pete spent an anxious weekend waiting to see his doctor as his blood pressure is unreasonably high, and Toby and I lurked around talking a great deal which was very nice , but not very blogworthy news.

Our huge dark red hollyhock plant got blown over and lay prone on the grass until Mas strung it up and supported it. Some of the Geraniums have got rust, and I know how they feel! Alex phoned, and he too has a bad back at the moment.

On Monday Pete saw the doctor who prescribed pills and a blood test, and Pete is feeling somewhat better now. Toby went off to London to visit various galleries, and Mas and I got more shopping in. In the evening we watched 'New Tricks' together after dinner.

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