Friday, 8 August 2008

Creative stirrings and exhaustion

After a leisurely morning Toby left to go down to London, and Mas and I went to Edgware to get a few essential things. We had a quiet day, but lots of phone calls. The weather is really dreary and overcast if it is not raining, very strange for August.

I had a look at some of my paintings, and am now beginning to feel like doing some again. Perhaps something small scale and jewel like for a change. I would also like to have a go at marbling, but feel it would be so messy with bowls of water and oil based paint, that I had better try this in the garden later on. I can knit again, as my fingertips and thumbs have grown new skin now which is a relief.

Lela , Florence and Pete called. Toby returned and we had dinner before he went to meet his friend Danny who is down from Wales. Years ago Danny had a paper round, and would pass our house on his route, and would shout at Toby to wake up, as he passed, which annoyed Toby no end at the time.

I watched the spectacular opening of the Olympic Games with Mas on TV, but was feeling so tired by this time that I might as well have been watching an exploding ants' nest which is a shocking admission! And so to bed......zzzzzzz.

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