Monday, 25 August 2008

Toby to Brighton and back to our usual routines

On Sunday Toby, Mas and I had breakfast together, and Toby began getting his things out for his return to Brighton. Pete is on holiday, but it was thought sensible for Toby to stay at his house overnight as it is such a short journey to Gatwick airport, and there were threatened strikes for the Bank Holiday when Toby was due to return to Toronto. We took Toby to Stanmore station and bid him a sad farewell before going off and getting some shopping.
When we went back we put the house to order and relaxed for most of the day.

This morning Toby phoned from the airport to say that the planes seemed to be flying as normal. Mas spent most of the day gardening, although it was still grey and cloudy it did not rain. I did some gardening too, and vacuumed the house in case I should feel ill after the hospital treatment tomorrow and not feel like housework. The house seemed very quiet without Toby. we watched some TV before having an early night.

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