Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Lunch at Letchmore Heath

Today I took the last pills for this session, so felt pleased that my mealtimes are not so set now. Toby, Mas and I went off to 'The Three Horseshoes' for lunch and a change of scene; I had a delicious ginger beer which was nice . The weather was quite extreme, very sunny and bright for about five minutes followed by cloudburst rain, and some thunder, with this pattern repeating itself for most of the day.

Back home again, and Toby explained the mysteries of his ipod, and I listened to some old recordings of Tony Hancock's 'Hancock's Half Hours' from the late 1950s; they are still funny today.

Toby left to go out, and got multiple photos of rainbows while walking down to Edgware. Later Mas and I watched 'Pie in the Sky.'

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