Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Restful times.

On Monday Toby and I walked to Edgware, and got a couple of things from the shops. After lunch Manu, Lela and Rebecca phoned so I was busy chatting for a long time! Romy called, and it was so nice to hear her voice; luckily Toby walked into the house while she was still on the phone. Mas made a nice dinner and we heard about the things Toby had been looking at in London; he has been away so long he feels like a tourist now. Later we all watched 'New Tricks' which we enjoy on TV before turning in.

On Tuesday we all went off and had a pub lunch and got more shopping from Stanmore. Toby went off to London again in the afternoon, and I took it easy. Diane and Pat called and chatted too. I am still feeling quite well, just a bit tired.

Toby came back, we talked while we had dinner, and looked at his photographs while we had dinner, and later watched 'Pie in the Sky'. I am finding it quite difficult to sit in front of the TV for too long before feeling fidgety, I would generally rather listen to the radio while doing something else, but it is nice seeing some of these programmes which are old and mostly repeats.

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