Saturday, 2 August 2008

Toby coming to stay, and Robert visiting

On Thursday we heard from Robert that he was going to a meeting in the morning, but would call in to see us as he would be driving back our way. Mas had also managed to get an appointment with the local doctor, who prescribed pills and said Mas needed an xray and blood tests, and we were looking forward to seeing Toby.

Toby arrived as planned, and we began catching up on all the news, then Robert arrived as well, and we heard that Tania has not been feeling very well. Afterwards we spent the rest of the day talking, and Mason made a nice celebration dinner too.

On Friday Toby and I walked to Edgware and I got Masons pills, while he went off for the blood tests and Xray. Later we had lunch at The man in the Moon, where Toby and Mas succumbed to the temptation of large desserts as well! Another day filled with talk, and then we watched a good Foyle's War episode on TVbefore going off to bed.

On Saturday Toby and I walked to the post office, but the weather was depressing and overcast most of the day. Mason's back is gradually feeling better thank goodness, but it is a slow business. I cannot believe how much better I am feeling now as well.

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