Sunday, 25 January 2009

Fussy cats and grumpy detectives

This week was mostly spent cleaning house with Mas trimming back overhanging trees. We went to The Man in the Moon a couple of times, and I have discovered that they serve organic tomato and basil soup with a hot baguette which is really delicious and quite inexpensive.

Interspersed with all the chores Mas has been watching Battlestar Gallactica and Wanted Dead or Alive. I have been trying to go for a reasonably long walk each day, and have noticed that the Mahonia is in blossom, and a small almond tree near home is also covered in delicate pink flowers....intimations of spring!

Having finished the cat door we taped the flap open until Salty became familiar with his new way in and out. I tried various ways of making him come through the hole, and even resorted to trying to push him through, but he held onto the doorway with all his fingers and toes, and became a struggling mass of claws and teeth. I reported this back to Mas, who said that Salty did not like the cat door because:

  • The tunnel is too long
  • It is too small
  • The wind blows in his face
  • It is the wrong colour!

Mas said he felt like going for a long walk on a short pier, or in heavy traffic!

One evening we watched an old 'Ironside' tape with Raymond Burr. I thought that David Jason in 'A Touch of Frost Frost' was grumpy enough, but Ironside could grump for the Olympics.

Spoke to Pete and found out how ill Carl was while staying with him and was sorry to hear it.

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